What We Do

Insure My Drones is a brand of Overwatch. We are a team consisting of former U.S. military, foreign military, risk managers, engineers, security professionals, project managers, contract managers and international consultants working together to help mitigate your risk as a commercial drone operator and business owner.

Who We Are

Insure My Drones provides commercial drone operators a comprehensive risk insurance policy that protects not only their drone machinery but the integrity of their company. We are a consistent resource for drone operators and enthusiasts by creating valuable and timely blog content that educates our customers on current industry trends.

Our Product

Our customized Remotely Piloted Aviation System (RPAS) Policy is specifically written to cover Drones, UAVs, UASs, or any Remote Piloted System

Our program can provide the below coverages, often in a single policy:

  • Third Party Liability
  • Third Party Property Coverage - Payloads
  • Hull Coverage
  • Ground Station System and Launch System Coverage
  • Property Coverage during Transit/Movement
  • Property Coverage for RPAS in storage
  • War Risk

Coverage available in the USA, Canada and Globally.

In the News

Drone Radio Show - Why you should insure your commercial drone

January 13, 2016
Listen and learn as Overwatch’s Grant Goldsmith discusses the importance of drone insurance on the Drone Radio Show Podcast.

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Construction Drive - Will drones take off in the construction, real estate industries?

February 2, 2015
Read about the burgeoning use of drones within the construction and real estate industries. Grant Goldsmith of Avalon Risk Management discusses the need for insurance for these types of drone applications.

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