The Drones Have Landed

July 29, 2015

As of July 17, drone delivery is no longer an idea. The first drone delivery legally to occur in the US dropped off medical supplies to a health facility located in rural Virginia. Due to the remote nature of the city, drone delivery offered a quicker arrival time and the perfect test opportunity.

The 35 mile trip was tackled in two segments. A larger aircraft manned from the ground but also had a safety pilot on board flew the medication 20 minutes from Oakwood to Lonesome Pines Airport in Wise County. From there the supplies were carried by drone in 20 pound increments in three separate trips – a 0.7 mile span with a 2 ½ minute travel time.

Most commercial drones can’t fly the entire 35 mile trip. Flirtey Inc, the company who carried out the deliveries, can carry 5 ½ pounds as far as 20 miles before the batteries die. The industry is evolving quickly and this successful delivery marks the beginning for this emerging industry.

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